Thabo playing with the children of his after-school program in Mamelod
Thabo playing with the children of his after-school program in Mamelod

After-school program in South Africa

logo IMBEWU 2011IMBEWU is a charity that supports children and young people from disadvantaged neighborhoods in their education and their life course in South Africa Since 2011.Thabo Sefolosha is an Ambassador for the charity and has initiated a project for the children of Mamelodi township from where is father is from. The project offers an after school program to more than 250 children, girls and boys aged 5-18. Every day after school, children can play and grow safely alongside six coaches who act in ‘big brother/sister’. Program: sports courses, sessions of social prevention and health, course of reading and writing, and distribution of a fruit for not suffer from hunger. Friendly tournaments and holiday camps complete the offer. By these sports and educational activities, children acquire life skills and values (respect, solidarity, self-esteem, etc.) and reinforce their general education to become fulfilled and responsible adults. The project also aims to support young people between 20 and 30 years old who are committed to their community: by becoming a “coach”, they have a first job paid as well as monthly training. Finally, the project includes sports fields’ renovation work to ensure the quality and safety of the children’s play area. Thanks to the commitment of Thabo Sefolosha with IMBEWU, more than 250 vulnerable children receive daily coaching and find joy in life and hope for a better future. Internet website of IMBEWU:

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Thabo and his brother, Kgomotso, at Thabo’s after-school program in Mamelodi