My family

Thabo and his brother, Kgomotso, in 1995

Acting as genuine support and important point of reference, the family is part of the values that are fundamental to me.

Born to a musician father and a painter mother, I grew up in an artistic universe with my five brothers and sister (s). Very close to my brother Kgomotso, we played basketball side by side until the First League in Switzerland. It was with him that I discovered basketball.

In Miami during the 2012 NBA Finals: (left to right) Patrick,Thabo’s father, Thabo, Kgomotso and Christopher two of his brothers, Bertille, his wife, and Christine, his mom

My life in the US

It has been now nearly seven years that I have lived in the USA with my wife and my two daughters, Lesedi and Naledi. They are my pride and joy and I would like to convey them human values such as solidarity and perseverance. It is also in this context that I created the Camp Thabo Sefolosha and that I support charities that help children.

Thabo and his wife, Bertille
Thabo and his wife, Bertille