What is basketball betting?

Basketball betting is not too different from other types of sports gambling: bookmakers do not invent anything new, but simply adjust to the rules. And these very rules force the same bookmakers to treat the selection of odds in a completely different way, and the players to approach the analysis of matches very seriously.

What is important to consider when gambling on basketball?

Before dealing with the stakes themselves, it would be good to know why basketball is so special, apart from the rules, from other sports.

  • Frequency of games. Basketball is played much more often than football.
  • Statistics. The NBA is very sensitive to statistics, so everything that can be counted is considered there: from the number of interceptions and the percentage of hits of a basketball player to his influence on the team’s results in cases of absence and presence on the court. In addition, analysts find seasonal trends, superimpose them on team statistics and get very accurate bookmakers’ odds without errors.
  • Popularity. Although the odds are initially accurate, bookmakers must adjust them in order to earn money. The more money they gamble on basketball, the lower the odds will be, and Americans often make very large bets or massively deposit dollars, so the bookmakers’ odds bend one way or another. But most people bet because they love the sport, not because they know it, and such distortions in the line will be beneficial for gambling on outsiders and will help to beat the bookmakers.
  • Continental difference. In America, basketball is more in demand than soccer, in Europe – on the contrary. The consequences are such that they give more stakes on the NBA than on the Euroleague, and the odds for American basketball are offered slightly higher than for European ones, especially Western bookmakers.
  • Exotic rates. When the basketball match is already in progress, it is quite normal to see in the bookmakers’ line a bet on how many points will bring the last shot in a certain quarter.

In general, the basketball list is not very diverse, but it has so many variations of bets on totals and handicaps that it seems as if it overlaps any options for the development of events.
This is partly true, in football we are not allowed to bet on the number of accurate passes of the left-back, but in basketball bookmakers offer stakes like this.

How to make the right choice and analysis of an event?

To make profit on betting in basketball, you need to make the right stakes, but without a detailed analysis of the game, they will not be there. To make the bets as accurate as possible, you will have to shove through a lot of information, and most of all it is about major tournaments: about the Euroleague or the NBA.

Choose any game you like on the bookmaker’s website, look at the bets available there, choose its type – total teams, odds on stars, performance in different quarters, or something else.
Look for all the information that will help to make the most accurate bet: we look at the results of the last ten matches of the teams and head-to-head meetings, compare the complexity of their schedule, look for the outcomes of the games with each other and on a specific site, determine the motivation: does the tournament position make you give your best or not.
Find out news and statistics of each player. Five people from the team play on the site, so the role of each is very important. Injuries, interceptions, rebounds in defense and attack, shooting success rates, average totals per game – we are interested in everything that can affect the rate.

How to choose a money management strategy?

Basketball games take place much more often than games of other team sports, so no matter how well we analyze them, a few random defeats in a row, like winning streaks, will happen to us anyway. And here it is important not to rage over failure and not break firewood in triumphant euphoria – you cannot come to basketball with strong emotions and without a well-developed money management system.
The most important thing is to distribute the bank – the money that you are ready to spend on betting. There are three main strategies for bank management:

  1. Fixed rate. Bet a specific amount each time, not a penny more or less. A thousand in the account or ten thousand, won or lost – bet 10 dollars in the same way as on hundreds of previous matches.
  2. Floating rate. Set a percentage of the bank, no matter how big it is. For example, we recommend 5%: if the account has a thousand, the rate will be fifty dollars, when one thousand one hundred – fifty-five.
  3. Margintail. First, we bet a fixed amount, but in case of defeat, we increase it enough to at least win back. This is how the catch-up betting strategy works, which is often used in basketball.

How to place bets without leaving your home?

The era of the Internet has long since arrived. Today, in order to register at a bookmaker’s office and place a bet, it is absolutely not necessary to leave the house. You can choose a suitable bookmaker office for yourself via the Internet. Also, as in the branch of the bookmaker’s office on the site, familiarize yourself with the proposed games and the odds for them. There is only one nuance that must be taken into account when you place a bet via the Internet – the reliability of the bookmaker. During registration, carefully read the terms of the user agreement, the offer agreement. If you do not understand something in them, it is better to ask a question to competent people, because you will trust this bookmaker with your money.