What types of basketball bets are most interesting?

Many novice basketball bettors prefer stakes at the beginning of the match, however, there are 2 special kinds of stakes that will definitely catch your eye:
Big break. This is a break after the third quarter of a basketball game, lasting up to 15 minutes. There is more than enough time to analyze facts and make a considered decision in order to beat a bookmaker. First-quarter data is not always indicative. In the beginning, the starting basketball side plays on the field, which considerably affects the game score. The statistics of the half of the basketball match are more revealing and important.

Bets at the end of the match. Many bookmakers stop accepting bets for the total a few minutes before the siren. Why so? It’s simple: at the final stage of the match, the result depends on the scenario of the match and is relatively easy to forecast.

What is the most popular betting strategy?

Quarter basketball stakes are another variation of the quarter-catching tactic. The nuance of it is the need for proper planning of the bank. You need to expect a worse situation when the bet loses 4-5 times in a row. For the sixth time, the probability that the bet will win will be higher, and the bookmaker will reduce the odds. Therefore, it is important to be prepared for such developments to increase the amount of money more than 2 times. The strategy is based on probability theory, so the method has low efficiency. Professional players say that this tactic can earn a steady income and win a bookmaker, but it requires a big bank.

What are the features of NBA basketball predictions and bets?

When making basketball predictions for NBA games, pay attention to the following nuances:

  • Read the rules. A quarter in the NBA lasts 12 minutes, not 10. Zone protection is also prohibited, which simplifies the actions of attacking sides.
  • The Basketball Association evenly supports clubs in terms of finances. The difference in the class of favorites and outsiders is not as great as in European leagues. 30% of fights end in victory for the underdogs.
  • 60% of victories go to the hosts. But don’t look at trends, because in the distance, bookmakers’ margins will eat up some of the profits. Look for less obvious patterns and bet on odds.
  • The NBA is suitable for total gambling. Bookmakers provide a list of up to 15 values ​​of the total in each direction, and the margin does not exceed 4-5%.
  • A month before the start of the season, clubs hold pre-season games. The team plays 6-10 games, which are designed to assess players and tactical developments. In such games, a model of the game for the coming season emerges.

The last team of the previous draw can become leaders in a year. Use statistics for the current season only.
Good luck!