Ultimate schedule changes – NCAA matches in the face of Covid-19

The last week has been tough in terms of college basketball breaks, cancellations and postponements for men’s basketball teams, states in mlb.com.
Unfortunately, many athletes, coaches and administrators were forced to spend the Christmas holidays in isolation because of the positive test of Covid-19.
The risk of the premature ending of NCAA competition was extremely high, in addition, too many changes were meant the last few days. The Diamond Head Classic lost several matches on its last day while Vanderbilt was declared the winner when Stanford performed successfully.
Because of pandemic issues, such teams as Hawaii could not play their last game, in the Hawai case – against Northern Iowa. Also Stanford’s positive players had to return to Honolulu, and head coach Jarod Haas helped distribute food and clothing.
Even already there are a number of cancellations and postponements from early to mid-January, games will continue for most.
The thing is that the NCAA does not control the regular season, thus it can’t influence the postponing or delaying. Individual conferences and schools determine if to set events or not. So that now fans continue to be welcomed in almost all stadiums without capacity restrictions (although the mask, mandatory vaccination and the end of concessions take place in several places).


Source: NCAA