Is it profitable to bet on basketball?

The rules of the game of basketball are not strong in the various organizations that oversee national championships and national team competitions. Basically, details are adjusted, for example, the length of the playing period.

The official rules of this game outside the US are regulated by FIBA, which has more than 200 national federations. A crucial achievement of FIBA ​​is the introduction of the Instant Replay System (IRS), which is a video replay for referees.
The US has its own governing bodies for the NBA (Men’s Pro League), WNBA (Women’s League), and NCAA (Student League), which can set their own game rules. An example of a required change is the length of the period. So in the NBA, 1 half is played for 12 minutes, while in Europe only 10. Thus, it is very interesting to bet on this discipline due to the wide range of events and easy rules.

What are the features of basketball?

Basketball is one of the few “measured” disciplines appropriate for betting. Since the fight lasts for several quarters, and 24 seconds are allocated for each rally, we can say that the whole game is divided into micro pieces, between which the playing time stops. The result of the match is the sum of all the points scored by the teams for hitting the basket accurately with the ball. Thus, the advantage of one of the teams is easier to remember than in disciplines with a small number of points (for example, football). If in football the victory of one of the sides of equal strength is often decided by one goal, then in basketball the team works to win throughout the match.
Individual team leaders play a colossal role. The best players score 25-35 points per match, and their absence from the game is a huge weakening of the team. That is why information about injuries of leading players is so crucial. Also, the game can be affected by the change of coach, which, fortunately, does not happen so often. However, if the new season started much worse than the previous one, you can expect a change of coach in the near future.

How to bet live on basketball?

The high dynamic of basketball means you need a very low latency image for Live betting. Some betting platforms include HD streaming both online and on-demand replay of played matches. The price can be shocking until you calculate how many benefits it provides.
The end of a basketball game is always special. Free throws play a key role here, and teams can use the Hack-a-Shaq tactic of breaking the rules of the game against the player who wins. By a wide margin, the losing team is trying to break the rules quickly, so it’s worth knowing the free kick statistics of individual players to make an efficient bet.