basketball betting

Is it profitable to bet on basketball?

The rules of the game of basketball are not strong in the various organizations that oversee national championships and national team competitions. Basically, details are adjusted, for example, the length of the playing period.

The official rules of this game outside the US are regulated by FIBA, which has more than 200 national federations. A crucial achievement of FIBA ​​is the introduction of the Instant Replay System (IRS), which is a video replay for referees.
The US has its own governing bodies for the NBA (Men’s Pro League), WNBA (Women’s League), and NCAA (Student League), which can set their own game rules. An example of a required change is the length of the period. So in the NBA, 1 half is played for 12 minutes, while in Europe only 10. Thus, it is very interesting to bet on this discipline due to the wide range of events and easy rules.

What are the features of basketball?

Basketball is one of the few “measured” disciplines appropriate for betting. Since the fight lasts for several quarters, and 24 seconds are allocated for each rally, we can say that the whole game is divided into micro pieces, between which the playing time stops. The result of the match is the sum of all the points scored by the teams for hitting the basket accurately with the ball. Thus, the advantage of one of the teams is easier to remember than in disciplines with a small number of points (for example, football). If in football the victory of one of the sides of equal strength is often decided by one goal, then in basketball the team works to win throughout the match.
Individual team leaders play a colossal role. The best players score 25-35 points per match, and their absence from the game is a huge weakening of the team. That is why information about injuries of leading players is so crucial. Also, the game can be affected by the change of coach, which, fortunately, does not happen so often. However, if the new season started much worse than the previous one, you can expect a change of coach in the near future.

How to bet live on basketball?

The high dynamic of basketball means you need a very low latency image for Live betting. Some betting platforms include HD streaming both online and on-demand replay of played matches. The price can be shocking until you calculate how many benefits it provides.
The end of a basketball game is always special. Free throws play a key role here, and teams can use the Hack-a-Shaq tactic of breaking the rules of the game against the player who wins. By a wide margin, the losing team is trying to break the rules quickly, so it’s worth knowing the free kick statistics of individual players to make an efficient bet.

basketball betting

What should be considered when betting on basketball?

There are several key factors that bettors must take into account:

  • The effectiveness of the points (hits with the ball in the basket). Studying how accurately a basketball player throws, the bettor looks at what percentage of hits a player has when throwing from the 2-point zone, 3-point zone and when implementing free throws – the so-called points per game, PPG.
  • Respect for the ball. When a basketball side starts an attack, it must bring the ball from its own half of the court to the opponent’s half and end its attack with a hit. Now imagine that during the transition from defense to attack, the side lost the ball. Thus, the attempt to score points was lost. The parameter is estimated as the ratio of the total number of ball losses by players to the time of possession of the ball.
  • The effectiveness of the rebounds. It is clear that the more often a team picks up the ball under the opponent’s shield, the higher its chances with the next attempt to score points. The parameter is calculated in this way: the number of rebounds in the attack is divided by the number of rebounds of opponents in defense.
  • Foul statistics and free throw frequency. In modern basketball, some coaches build whole strategies for their side’s game so that the opponent scores the necessary fouls faster, which will allow them to realize free pitches more often. If one basketball team in the whole game gets the right to implement 20 free throws, and the second 40, then it is clear that the last team is obliged to earn more points and has more chances to win with equal other indicators.
  • The percentage of implementation plays an important role here. If one team has a conversion rate of 80, and the other has 40, then a double superiority in the number of free pitch attempts will not help the last side. As a rule, teams that rely heavily on free pitches pull up their conversion rates well.

Do I need to study statistics for bets?

Evaluating the current level of play of the selected basketball team for betting, it is worth studying its 5-6 last matches to make a bet based on a certain background. This will fully allow you to understand how the club operates within the 4 most important statistical parameters, and this is its vivid reflection of the current level of play. If there are rivals where one of these indicators has recently often surpassed even strong opponents, and the second loses in terms of them even to ordinary middle peasants, then it will be clearly visible on whom to bet.

basketball betting

What are the nuances of basketball betting?

What important features of the basketball game do you need to be aware of for successful betting?
The intensity of the competition. Players in many basketball leagues play almost every day and are physically incapable of producing long streaks of victories, even if they surpass every next opponent in the class.

The level of teams in most leagues has leveled off, the hegemons are becoming less and less every year.
Many sides have not shown stable results for several seasons in a row. For example, in the NBA, a multiple champion after two or three seasons can easily fall into an outsider.
Teams are getting in shape during the championship. The outsider at the start sometimes breaks into the lead closer to the middle or finish of the regular season.

How to analyze basketball games correctly?

A beginner basketball bettor, first of all, needs to understand the principles of basketball, clearly understand the tasks of each athlete on the court. The preparation and overall fighting efficiency of the team has a great effect on the fight result. If there are a lot of injured players in the top five, and some players have to play in “alien” positions, its chances of success are greatly reduced.
The second important point is team motivation. If a team has lost its tournament tasks, it can reduce its demands on itself and mentally prepare for other games, avoid joints, and lose more martial arts than usual.
It is also worth monitoring the level of motivation of crucial players, since in basketball, the individual shape of the stars of the teams affects the final result.
The home court factor also cannot be ignored since it is an additional motivation. There are several undefeated home teams playing in the NBA.

What are the best basketball betting strategies?

Quarter gambling strategy is mostly applicable as a basketball strategy against the favorite. Gaining a significant advantage, the leader slows down, calms down and can calmly give the opponent one or two quarters.
For the handicap betting strategy, the “plus for the home outsider” strategy is useful. On their own court, even weak teams gain an advantage, as they have high motivation and more referee whistles in their favor.
The main thing that you must learn to do is not to win any particular bets. It will not give you long term results. First of all, you must learn how to save your deposit, i.e. play in such a way that the allocated amount for the game does not decrease in the long term. If you can keep your deposit, then you’ll understand how everything works in betting. As soon as you can survive in the long term without additional investments in your deposit from the outside, you will definitely find a way to win.